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Monday, June 8, 2015

Small Breed Dog Park

Meeting today for the small breed dog park was informative.  Craig and Jim from the Park Dept have a meeting with the Town of West Bend Town Board on Wednesday, June 10th and I should have the decision about extending the small breed dog park by 30 feet by the end of this week.  Once we know that the Town of West Bend will let us have the 30 feet to extend the small breed dog park, then you will see concrete slabs going in and the fencing going up.

We will be up at Regner Park on July 4th with a booth for donations for the small breed dog park, user fee tags will be sold and information about the small breed dog park.

West Bend Dog Park

Remember to bring a jug water for your dogs to the dog park now that the weather is getting warmer. Make sure your dog rest after running through the park.  Overheating of your dog can come on very quickly.  Never pour water over your dog if they get overheated.  Wet down their pads and their groin area.  Get them out of the sun.  Let them relax until they have cooled down. 

Another reminder, Pick up after your dog.  That is the biggest problem we have in the dog park is that some members do not pick up after their dog. If you see any dog waste please pick up. 

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