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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Small Breed Dog Park....

We are still in need of money for the fence and concrete slabs. Please reach in your pockets and send whatever you can for the small breed dog park. Make the check out to K-9 Friends of West Bend...on memo line of the check write small breed...mail to Pam Kidney..713 Riverview Dr West Bend WI 53095 and questions call me at 262-334-9428

when we have the mulch day and the rock clean up I will be there with a donation jar for the small breed dog park. Stop by and help out. I also will be at Regner Park on the 4th until 2 and on the 11th for the mud run. I will have magnets for your car to sell for $5.00 (shaped in a paw print) and I will get bags of peanuts from Texas Road House with a coupon for a free appetizer no expiration on the coupon. You can get Cactus Blossom, Cheese Fries, Rattlesnake Bites or Tater Skins with a purchase of an entree. I will have the peanuts when i am at Regner Park not the dog park. the peanuts will be $2.00 a bag and all money will go to the small breed dog park

Who Let the Dogs Out
The West Bend Dog Park

I would like to get another group of people at the dog park to finish up the mulch. I want to also get a group of people to walk through the open area of the dog park to pick up rocks. I need people to bring a bucket for the rocks. I will post a date for the mulch and the rock pick up. I would like it on the same day. I will need volunteers to bring rake, shovels for that day

Who Let the Dogs Out !!!!
Information from the West Bend Police Dept............

this is what the police dept. said when asked.....what they would consider to be aggressive dog behavior that would warrant them coming to investigate at the dog park or anywhere for that matter. They said any time you feel that you or your dog are threatened by another dog is enough to call. Now I hope people use good judgement.

Who Let the Dogs Out
Small Breed Dog Park Update

Was up at the dog park this morning for a meeting about the small breed dog park.  The fencing will be going up in a week and the concrete for the entrance and service gate in about 2 weeks.  Please do not use the small breed dog park until the park is completely finished.  We will have something posted and I think we will have a ribbon cutting for the park.  Things are looking up.

Who Let the Dogs Out!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Small Breed Dog Park.....

The Town of West Bend did approve the extra 30 feet to expand that small breed dog park. Thanks to Jim White and Craig Hoeppner of the Park and Rec Department for being successful at the meeting.  Also thanks to the Town of West Bend Board for letting us have the extra 30 feet to expand the small breed dog park.  Now there will be building of the small breed dog park very soon.

Who Let the Dogs Out.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Small Breed Dog Park

Meeting today for the small breed dog park was informative.  Craig and Jim from the Park Dept have a meeting with the Town of West Bend Town Board on Wednesday, June 10th and I should have the decision about extending the small breed dog park by 30 feet by the end of this week.  Once we know that the Town of West Bend will let us have the 30 feet to extend the small breed dog park, then you will see concrete slabs going in and the fencing going up.

We will be up at Regner Park on July 4th with a booth for donations for the small breed dog park, user fee tags will be sold and information about the small breed dog park.

West Bend Dog Park

Remember to bring a jug water for your dogs to the dog park now that the weather is getting warmer. Make sure your dog rest after running through the park.  Overheating of your dog can come on very quickly.  Never pour water over your dog if they get overheated.  Wet down their pads and their groin area.  Get them out of the sun.  Let them relax until they have cooled down. 

Another reminder, Pick up after your dog.  That is the biggest problem we have in the dog park is that some members do not pick up after their dog. If you see any dog waste please pick up. 

Woof Woof
Who Let the Dogs Out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Small Breed Dog Park.....Sorry I have not been posting for a while but spring and early summer is a lot yard work and it is hard for me to getting around so things get done slowly around here.  No update on the small breed dog park.  Donations are coming in very slowly but are coming in.  I have a dog park meeting on June 8th and I will post the out come of the meeting.  We have Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center that sponsored 3 doggy waste stations for the small breed dog park.  A shout out to WVRC for their donation for the doggy waste stations. We are waiting for the Town of West Bend for the ok to extend the park 30 feet south of the original layout of the park, I hope to have information about the extension of the park from the meeting on the 8th.  Either a yes or a no, you will start seeing work on the park very very soon.  Please donate to the Small Breed Dog Park.  Make checks out to K9 Friends and on the memo line of your check write small breed.  Mail to Pam Kidney 713 Riverview Dr West Bend WI 53095

West Bend Dog Park...The shelter for the West Bend Dog Park is being put on the back burning for now.  Our park is looking very nice but we still have a hand full of members that don't like to pick up after their dogs. That is a no no. Today is going to be a beautiful day to use the dog park.  Not hot and not much wind to get your dogs out for a good run and for you to take a walk through the trails enjoying the weather.