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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FYI....I see so many members that don't leash their dogs from the car to the entrance gate and from the exit gate to the cars. PLEASE keep your dogs on a leash until you are inside the gate. I would also recommend that you keep your leash with you when in the dog park because if something happens to your dog you can get the leash on them. Don't leave the leash hanging on the entrance and exit areas.

FYI>>>>>9.08 ANIMALS AND POULTRY NOT TO RUN AT LARGE (Rep. & Recr. Ord. #1769 – 7/15/85). (1) ANIMALS AT LARGE PROHIBITED (Rep. & Recr. Ord. #1867 – 2/1/88). If any animal is at large within the City, the owner of the animal is guilty of a violation and subject to a penalty as provided in sec. 9.30 of this chapter

At Large (Am. Ord. #2024 – 2/4/91). Any animal or fowl is considered to be at large within the meaning of this section if it is off the premises of the owner and not on a leash less than 10' in length and under the control of some person. An animal is not at large if it is in a motor vehicle with the consent of the owner or operator of the vehicle or enclosed in a cage or other container

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just another reminder about keeping yourself and your dogs cool for this coming up weekend.  In the high 80's and 90's.  And NEVER EVER leave your dog in the car when it is hot out.  Or leave a child in the car. 

West Bend Small Dog Park...
The K-9 Friends of West Bend...we are looking for donations to build a gazebo for the small dog park.  There is really no shade for the dog owners to sit under while watching their dogs run and play.  If you can make a donation, please send to :
Pam Kidney
713 Riverview Dr
West Bend WI 53095

Make check out to K-9 Friends and on the memo line of your check write gazebo.  Thank you in advance.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

West Bend Small Dog Park

Thanks to everyone that showed up at the small dog park for the ribbon cutting yesterday. Just a reminder this week is going to be hot outside, bring water for your dogs. Best time to go to the park if you can is around 7 p.m. that is when the sun is going behind the trees up at the larger area dog park and then means less sun on the small dog park

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

West Bend Small Dog Park

On Monday August 10th at 5:00 p.m. there will be a Grand Opening event for the small dog park.  If you have a small dog measuring 16 inches to the shoulders please bring your dog and  join us for the ribbon cutting.  Hope to see you there.  Please come up and introduce yourself and your dog to the K-9 Friends of West Bend the group that runs both parks and the group that finally made this wonderful park a reality.  If you have a dog that can't use the small dog park, leave your dog at home and enjoy us.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

West Bend Small Dog Park

Yahooooooooooo....the West Bend Small Dog Park is now OPEN.  I hope all owners of small dogs 16 inches or shorter (from the ground to the shoulder) enjoy the small dog park.  Please read the rule sign at the entrance gate for more details about the small dog park.  Our main rule sign will be up shortly.  Now go and run those small dogs in their own park.  No more big dogs chasing them.

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