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Friday, April 24, 2015

Just a reminder...one of the rules of the dog park is that you can only have 2 dogs per owner or per person in the dog park. I have had several complaints about 3 or 4 dogs in the park with just one owner or person with the dogs. Please......follow the rules of the dog park. The rules are posted next to the kiosk in the dog park as you walk in. I am not up there all the time but I will start going up at the dog park different times and different days checking to see if people have their dog park user fee tag. In order to use the dog park, you must purchase a user fee tag for $25.00 per household annually. If you are asked if you have purchased your user fee tag u must show it and if you don't have it you will not be able to use the park at that time. The tag must be visible at all times. I will ask you to leave the dog park or u can purchase a tag at that time from me and stay at the dog park. checks or cash will be accepted, no credit cards. On the gate as you walk into the park, there is a sign posted about a user fee tag to use the park. It is not fair to all the members that have purchased their user fee tags to use the dog park and the people that don't pay can use the dog park. If you go to Regner Park to swim, u have to purchase a daily pass or a family pass to swim and if you don't have your swim band on you can't swim or u have to purchase a swim band to swim. There are user fee applications located at the kiosk at the dog park or you can purchase one at City Hall in the Finance Dept Mon - Fri until 4:00. One more vent, Please have collars on your dog at all times and leash your dog from the car to the entrance gate and from the exit gate to your car. If you are not in the dog park and your dog does not have a leash on, you could be ticketed if the police see u and there are times when they walk through the park or sit out in the parking lot. Please just follow all the rules and enjoy your time at the dog park..Pam Kidney Treasurer of the West Bend Dog Park.

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